About Us

Studies show that the quality of childcare has a major influence on a child’s development, happiness and success later in life.

At River Kids, we want your child to develop to their full potential. We understand that the quality of care can shape their entire lives so we work hard to provide them with an environment that is safe, stimulating, fun and empowering.

We have excellent child-to-teacher ratios and offer primary care or a key caregiver for your child. This means that they will always feel comfortable and it also gives you a point of contact who understands you and your child’s needs.


The Best Quality Child Care:

– Quality childcare for 0-5 year olds

– 100% qualified and registered teachers

– Excellent child to teacher ratios

– A small, family-based environment

– Assistance with applications for subsidised rates

– Full induction process for new children and parents

We’re open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, all year round*.

Talk to us about how you could get 20 hours of free childcare each week.

*Excluding public holidays

Our Curriculum:

Te Whāriki, the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, was the first program to incorporate different cultural perspectives and understandings into teaching.
We realise that each child is different and will learn, grow and develop differently to others. We embrace this diversity by using Te Whāriki to guide our teaching practices. Empowerment for children, exploration, thinking and reasoning is a core part of our program, as is whānau, relationship building and working with others.
Children are given a sense of comfort with routines, customs and regular events, while also exploring their creativity through stories, games, music, art, woodwork, gardening, water play, animal care and much more.